Dec. 27th, 2015

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Maybe it was showing off a bit, but Anakin had totally done a completely gratuitous fly-over of the Resolute when they arrived so Theon could appreciate the capital ship's majesty. And of course, once they settled in the hangar bay, he'd see there were even more ships carried inside. Starfighters, troop transports, etc.

Luckily, Obi-Wan wasn't there yet so Anakin hadn't had to explain to him what was up. The troopers more or less accepted he's a contact of the general's, no need to ask for details and Yularen? Well, Anakin gave the admiral more or less the same explanation except with Jedi business tacked on the end of it.

Eventually, of course, he'll have to provide something better when the Council comes calling but for the time being, it's easy enough to find quarters to put Theon up in. No need to mention the small room had last been used by Anakin's former padawan.

What Anakin hadn't expected was that, instead of being called to another battle, they were being recalled to Coruscant. Not because of Theon's presence, but instead something about an experimental weapons prototype. Why it was on Coruscant, Anakin wondered, instead of of the industrial shipyards out there was a mystery presumably known only to the Chancellor.

Still, it does lead him to find Theon and remark, "I know you've mostly only seen the inside of a ship and a bunch of clones up until now but we'll be getting a change of scenery soon."


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