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Anakin Skywalker ([personal profile] morally_cryptic) wrote2007-10-01 01:31 pm
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Congratulations! You've been granted one wish. What is it?

Anakin's wish was simple.

But, of course, incredibly self-centered. Though he wouldn't ever see it that way, when all he saw was that what he wanted would make life better for everyone. Naturally, he wouldn't see or would ignore the consequences.

Anakin would wish -- had wished, but it had yet to come true -- that everything would work out the way he thought it should.

That way, he could be a Jedi and a husband.
That way, there would be no more slavery.
That way, there'd be no Separatists.
That way, he'd be on the Council and a Master.
That way, he'd never have to lose someone he loved.
That way, he'd even cheat death.

And, perhaps, when he Palpatine held out his hand to him, Anakin for a moment didn't see it as a harbinger of dark times ahead, of the choice to travel down the dark path. Perhaps all Anakin saw was just his wish, finally coming true.

Muse: Anakin Skywalker
Fandom: Star Wars
Wordcount: 153