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September - Artistic License - Pleasure

Prompt: Pleasure
Character: Anakin and Padme
Warnings: Idyllic times ahead?
Pairings: Anakin/Padme
Fandom: Star Wars
Word count: 204
Rating: G
Disclaimer Not mine. Anakin/Jedi/Star Wars/etc belongs to Lucasfilms and George Lucas. I'm just borrowing for a time and for entertainment. No money is made off of this fic. Thank you!

There was definitely something to be said for Naboo. Particularly this area in the lake country away from the capital of Theed. Particularly when the only other living creatures for miles around them seemed to be those funny animals -- Padme called them shaaks -- grazing on the abundant grass surrounding them. Just as Anakin almost always marveled at a great expanse of water, the same could be said for so much green. There was something inherent within him which even now couldn't believe there could be so much of it in one place, that expected sweeping vistas of brown and tan and bleach white with stark contrasts. Not this lush paradise he'd found himself in.

Of course, he was also certain he found the colors and scents and sounds enveloping them all the more vibrant because she was there with him. And for once, they were alone and he could be not just Ani, that little boy she once knew; not Anakin Skywalker, Jedi protector; nothing but Anakin who loved her. And she could be not Amidala, former queen of Naboo; nor Padme Amidala, now-Senator from Naboo; but maybe, just maybe she'd let herself just be Padme. Just be with him.

Just be together.

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I know I don't comment much on your vignettes and drabbles, but I really enjoy them.

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Thanks! :)

It's nice to hear from time to time. Sometimes I wonder if anybody's actually reading or I'm just tossing this stuff out into the ether. :)