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October - Artistic License - Pie

Prompt: Pie
Character: Anakin and Obi-Wan
Fandom: Star Wars
Word count: 597
Rating: G
Disclaimer Not mine. Anakin/Jedi/Star Wars/etc belongs to Lucasfilms and George Lucas. I'm just borrowing for a time and for entertainment. No money is made off of this fic. Thank you!

The only sound filling the room was the contented snoring of a Jedi youngster lying sprawled over Obi-Wan's bed with one leg hanging off and a few telltale crumbs, crumbs sprinkling his sheets. The other telltale sign was an empty plate scraped clean of whatever confectionary goodness had been resting on it that morning.

That, and the bit of whipped cream caught on the end of Anakin's padawan braid.

Obi-Wan merely watched this strange tableau for several moments, his hands on his hips, before sighing to himself. Perhaps he should have known better than to leave Anakin alone with it but certainly his padawan should be able to exercise some restraint by now at the age of fifteen! Then again, this was Anakin he was talking about, Obi-Wan reminded himself with a mixture of exasperation and fondness.

The youth moved a little in his sleep, and perhaps through some gratuitous use of the Force by his mentor, ended up tumbling to the floor in what made for a rather rude -- if funny to someone watching -- awakening. Anakin yelped and sat up, looking up at Obi-Wan rather accusingly through the sleep in his eyes. "What was that for?"

"Anakin," Obi-Wan began, his hands now tucked into the sleeves of his robe as he used his patient-but-slightly-exasperated-teacher tone, "what were you supposed to be doing while I was meeting with Master Windu?"

Obi-Wan was fairly certain that Anakin used the opportunity of having to pick himself up and dust himself off to duck his head and make a face. "Put away my tools and droid parts."

Pointedly, Obi-Wan glanced in the direction of Anakin's corner of the room where tools and little mechanical bits littered the floor, and a few of the larger parts were pushed to the side of Anakin's bed against the wall making enough room for his apprentice to sleep though Obi-Wan could hardly imagine how it was comfortable for the boy. Then, he looked back down at his recalcitrant padawan, prompting with an, "...and?"

A little uneasily, Anakin shifted his weight. He'd been working on it like Obi-Wan had asked him to! He'd gotten everything sorted, anyway, into piles by type of part when he'd found himself continually looking toward the two slices of multi-berry pie with cream Obi-Wan had left sitting on the counter of their little cooking-area with the promise that it'd be a treat after the midday meal after Obi-Wan returned from his meeting with Master Windu.

For what seemed like ages, Anakin resisted. But eventually he'd gone and just stuck his finger in one of the slices, just enough for a taste. That had been enough for a little longer. But then he couldn't stop thinking about the sweet taste of the pie and breakfast had seemed like an eternity ago and surely Obi-Wan wouldn't mind if Anakin just had a little bite from one of the pieces?

Somehow a little bite had turned to Anakin gorging himself on both pieces and then, tidying duty completely forgotten, he'd sprawled onto Obi-Wan's bed to 'just rest a minute'. He couldn't, after all, sprawl on his own bed, not with the droid parts on it.

But looking up at his master, Anakin didn't think that explanation would go over very well. And he didn't really have an excuse and he wasn't sure what to say and just having woken up wasn't really the best time for one to think of how to explain oneself and all that came out was a plaintive, "but I was hungry!"

Obi-Wan, at least, had the grace to only laugh about it once he was alone.


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I think I love you.

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Hah, I was hoping you'd see this. :) Hee.

I think I love you too. ;)

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Or how about: "I love you like I'm blind?" I think that sums it up, too ;)

And consider it seen! *giggles at the image of stuffed!Pada-baby Anakin*

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I have a roboclaw! :D

Innit he cute? I love doing domestic-type stuff with them. ;)

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Ahahahaha! I actually got to use that term the other day when this customer was telling me about the wacky splint thing they had to give her for her finger between surgeries. The way she described it was this metal brace that kept her arm in an 'L' shape while it aided her finger with the grabbing and the moving and such.

I tried not to collapse with laughter as I giggled out "oh gosh, you had a roboclaw!"

I don't think she heard me, though.

And Obi + Anakin + Domestic = all sorts of love. They're usually my favourite, too :)

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*giggles lots* That's kinda awesome. :D

Anakin would like to point out he is not domestic. I just point him at the cookies.

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Cookies Obi-Wan probably baked :p I blame him for my baking spree a couple of weeks ago. Forget that it was for an actual event and not just for the heck of it.

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Naturally! Yeah, but it wouldn't be fun not to blame him. ;)

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Whee :) Of course not! The Jedi always gets the blame. *sage nod*

And I finally remembered that our hiatus is over. So I posted the two prompts I did during it and am going to go figure out what to do for October's, while I'm thinking about it.