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You've woken up as the opposite sex this morning... now what?

Ani awoke feeling more rested than she had in months. She stretched lazily and ran her hands through her short-cropped hair. They'd been recalled to Coruscant for a time which explained the restfulness of her sleep. She'd finally been able to sleep in a bed which was no small feat.

It did, of course, help that she had shared the bed with her love and for that she gave her still-sleeping partner a fond smile. She'd have to hurry, though, or they'd miss her back at the Temple and that-...

...probably wouldn't go well. As she knew. Still, she had time to take advantage of the apartment's top-notch bathing facilities and certainly no one would begrudge her a few minutes of luxuriating under the hot water. There was something to be said for being a heroine of the Republic. Though it'd be nice if they just said "hero" like they called Master Obi-Wan, she thought with a bit of a pout. She'd done every bit as much as Obi-Wan in this war. More, if one counted that she'd done it all while keeping her own secret. Once more, she smiled fondly in the direction of the sleeping form stretched out on the, no their bed.

For a few moments, as she dressed, Ani let herself wonder what sort of children they might have. Even if it was clearly impossible. For more than one reason. But then again, medical science was ableo to do all sorts of things...

...but she rather imagined Padme would prefer something more natural. Which wouldn't really happen without a male involved and at that thought Ani had to push down the surge of jealousy that rose within her. No, they were better off just not bringing up the subject of children, really. It couldn't end well. Even if Padme would make a wonderful mother.


Why was Obi-Wan calling her that?

"Anakin." and shaking her to boot?

"I'm coming, jus' a minute," she a voice a lot lower than she remembered possessing. Wait, she? What?

Finally, Anakin pulled himself fully into wakefulness, eyes snapping open to see a concerned Obi-Wan standing over him. "There you are, padawan. We were getting worried." Which, really, belied the point a little though Obi-Wan wouldn't tell Anakin that just now.

Anakin frowned and tried to sit up in his med-bay bed. Except he couldn't get up and there were all sorts of things stuck in him and things beeping. "What happened?"

Obi-Wan shook his head ruefully, "you got a lung-ful of some new chemical the Separatists have been testing. I'm afraid you've been rather delusional for the past few days."

Groaning, Anakin relaxed back into the bed, "I don't want to know, do I?"

His Master's lips twitched with repressed amusement, "well, you apparently make a very lovely young woman...."

[I was originally going to actually turn Anakin into a woman but...the crack isn't that strong with me today so we'll have to settle for hallucinations. :)]

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Padmé is glad to hear that it was only a hallucination, and admits to being quite curious about what kind of a woman Ani would make!

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Ani suggests that he really isn't that interested in discovering what kind of woman he'd make.

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Padmé laughs; she figured that would be his response. She assures him that she likes him just how he is, and that he shouldn't ever change.

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Just when I thought you turned Anakin and Padmé into lesbians ;).

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I thought about turning Obi into a girl too and Padme into a boy and really genderbending it all up but it just made my head hurt.

And Anakin insisted he'd love Padme even if they were both girls so...*shrug!* :D

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PS: Bring everybody you know!