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Anakin Skywalker ([personal profile] morally_cryptic) wrote2007-10-31 12:12 pm
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201: Talk about something you lost.

He'd had it, once, as a child. As an adolescent. As a young man. It was shaken, sometimes, but always there, deeply grounded. How could he not? He'd held tightly to it as a boy and all wrapped up inside of hero worship. He'd had it even before he'd seen a Jedi and it had been only stronger afterward.

Becoming a Jedi, it was still there, all the stronger because now he knew. Or thought he did. But something began to happen, as he got older. Doubts appeared, cracks in the foundation, eroding the base.

He started to question the things he'd always been taught, had always known when his experience began to suggest otherwise. How could one thing be said and yet another thing be what was actually done? How could they be the same heroes he had worshipped as a child.

How? Why? When had it changed?

Had it changed?

What if it had always been that way and only now he was seeing clearly?


And somewhere between the death of a Jedi Master and the rise of a new Sith Lord...Anakin Skywalker's faith in the Jedi Order fled completely and was lost in the darkness.

Muse: Anakin Skywalker
Fandom: Star Wars
Wordcount: 193

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