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Seven wishes (borrowed from [ profile] little_chicago)


Ani lies on the still-warm sand even as a cool evening breeze chills his skin. He doesn't notice either, his attention on the sky above him. Quietly, under his breath, he's counting. ....three-hundred and twenty, three hundred and twenty-one, three-hundred and twenty-two... Behind every number is a dozen or more. Planets for each star. He imagines what life must be like Out There.

Much more exciting than here.

He bet there were even planets where they'd never heard of slavery. Or sand. Planets that were covered in water or in snow or green plants as far as the eye could see. He'd heard that Coruscant was all city. What he wouldn't give to see that...

He'd see 'em all.


His mother was crying.

She thought he was asleep, that he couldn't hear her. This life was hard on her, he knew, even as young as he was. She deserved better. A real life. A free one.

He'd give it to her.

Some day.


Not long after he had arrived at the Jedi Temple to live Anakin had found himself a fairly secluded little alcove that looked out on the Coruscant skyline. Well, he was here. It wasn't Tatooine.

But there was an enormous ache in his chest.

Just once, he'd like to feel the heat of the sand under his feet, see his mother's smile, even hear Watto complaining.

He was alone.


Siri was nice enough, he liked her.

But her padawan...

Every time he saw Ferus, Anakin imagined wiping that know-it-all smirk from his face.


He should have been paying attention to Obi-Wan.

But his attention kept being caught by a nearby news-vid. Currently, they were talking about the latest round of Senatorial elections and the newest senator from Naboo.

Their former queen.

The thought was a small one, quiet, in the back of his mind. He didn't dare voice it aloud. Or even silently. In a dream you loved me.


She was beautiful in white.

And when she took his hand, he knew he'd never felt happier.

But something was missing.

Someone. Two someones who should have been there too, instead of the droids.

But this was forbidden. He couldn't have told Obi-Wan. Can't tell him. Ever.

And he'd watched his mother die. He could only hope something of her spirit could see this.


One last wish was all he had left as he looked up into blue eyes. Blue eyes like a mirror. Like his own.

His son, his own son had saved him.

One last wish, fulfilled.

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