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[AU RP for Obi] old friends

[ooc: takes place in the same future!AU as this thread with [personal profile] fulcra.]

He'd been here on Lothal far longer than he'd been hoping. Certainly far longer than the battle he'd been supposed to get here for would have taken. Had taken. He tries not to think about how the verb tenses should work too much.

They'd done their best to recreate the original conditions that had brought Anakin here in the first place, though making sure to avoid the Imperials as he flew out and back in several times on the same hyperspace route had been interesting. And completely fruitless. Well almost recreated. Sabine had provided his starfighter with a new paint job to disguise it and make it look at least a little less noticeable. Though she'd made sure to tell him that her usual method involved far more color than what he'd ended up with. He'd told her if this worked, he'd remember to track her down in fifteen years and let her paint the thing anything she pleased.

It didn't work and none of them had any explanation why.

He'd been halfway through suggesting they could check the Temple Archives before he saw Ahsoka's expression shutter. Of course they couldn't check the Temple Archives. They couldn't even get near Coruscant. Or-- Imperial Center. They called it Imperial Center now.

So he was stuck here and more or less also stuck being expected to stay out of the way. Not that they said as much but he was still essentially an outsider to their little close-knit group and most of the time Ahsoka looked like she had no idea what to say to him.

Then again, he still wasn't sure what he was supposed to say to her. This was not the way he'd envisioned them meeting again, after all.

And apparently until they can figure out a way to make him look a little less like himself--apparently in this case being a former hero of the Republic is a bad thing--he can't even move around too much lest someone get too curious.

Everyone knows that enforced idleness does wonders for Anakin's temper.

He's not in Jedi robes, his lightsaber is hidden, he's wearing long sleeves and gloves on both hands to disguise the fact that only one of them is mechanical, and he even let them cut his hair though he hadn't taken up Sabine on her offer to dye it! How much less like himself could he look without surgery?

Surgery is a definite no-go. But taking a speeder bike in to the city is apparently on the agenda. If nothing else, he wants to get a better look at exactly what they're up against and it's not like he hasn't been undercover before...
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It had taken a few favours to get clothing that fit like his Jedi robes without actually looking like them, though Obi-Wan was loathe to give up the familiar garments. Then again, those garments could get him recognized, and that would do nothing for his now-fifteen-year-old charge.

After all these years, he still felt responsible for Luke, despite the fact that Owen Lars had made it absolutely crystal that Obi-Wan was not welcome at the homestead ever.

If it hadn't been for the disturbance in the Force that he'd felt several days ago - a disturbance that had made him dizzy and disoriented in a way he'd never felt before - he would still be on Tatooine, pretending not to watch over the Skywalker lad.

He had been keen to ignore it, but a prompting from the astral presence of his former Master compelled him to temporarily leave his exile in search of the source of said disturbance.

Obi-Wan checks a sigh as he disembarks from the transport that's brought him to the back-water planet of Lothal. He's getting too old for this sort of thing, though at 53 years of age, he is hardly the oldest being in the galaxy.

Keeping his hood far enough down to ensure no one could get a good look at his face, yet not so far concealed that he invited unwanted attention, he moves through customs and then into the streets of the city.

He lets the Force guide his steps even as he takes in the sorrow and oppression of the people; Imperial rule never did any planet good, and the further out on the Rim one went, the worse it was.

He represses another sigh and tries to push the noise of life - or what passes for it on Lothal - into the background so he can focus on the thing that brought him here.

Well, Master, he thinks to himself. Here I am. Why the blazes you wanted me to investigate this, I don't know.

Which is when he realizes that his course is moving him inexorably away from the city center towards the border. And as he nears the border he realizes that what he's looking for lies beyond, and that he'll have to rent some sort of transport.

Pausing several blocks away from a city-exit checkpoint, he looks about him to try and locate something that would be suitable for an old man to take a tour of the outlying settlements...

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He feels a tremor in the Force; not only is it familiar in the sense that it shares in the strangeness that he's currently tracking, but it also has the slightest hint of...

Anakin, the name flits across his mind and he's suddenly alert, every nerve ending in his body on fire and suddenly there are eyes everywhere watching him and why oh why did he leave the safety of his anonymous exile...

When his head begins to swim from the collision of thoughts, he stumbles slightly, causing a young couple to reach out to him in concern. They help him to a nearby bench and buy him water and a piece of fruit from the closest vendor. He takes a deep, steadying breath and allows them to fuss over him until they are assured that he is okay, an no, please, the provisions are a gift.

Once they leave him, he finishes the fruit and drink and disposes of the garbage. Then he sits again and begins to untangle the mess that nearly overwhelmed him.

If he's sensing Anakin here on Lothal, it has to mean that Darth Vader is on-planet and has business here. And if that is the case, then Qui-Gon should be very glad that he's already dead because right now Obi-Wan would very much like to strangle his Master for putting him deadly peril.

Except...Qui-Gon would never do such a thing. So what was going on here?
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He can sense whatever it is moving, and it's coming closer. Now that he's gotten a hold on himself and the irrational, though highly justified, fear. And what he can sort out is not menace or evil, not in the quantities that he'd felt on that fateful day nearly fifteen years ago.

What he can sense is confusion, shadows, and...displacement? Was that right? No, it couldn't be. Before he can ponder more deeply that last bit, a voice calls out. A voice he never thought he'd ever hear again.

"O...wen," it trips over the name, as if aborting one name and settling on another. "Owen! Long time..." As it trails off, Obi-Wan opens his eyes, not realizing that he'd closed them until this moment.

Without turning his head, he looks in the direction of the voice and sees Anakin Skywalker in the prime of his life as a young adult. He knew that that Anakin was long gone, and another had taken his place, one that Obi-Wan had left to die on the sulfur fields of Mustafar. So this had to be a vision of some sort.

But why would the Force bring him to Lothal so he could see a vision? Wouldn't his hut on Tatooine been a far easier, and better suited place for this? Well, the Force was weird sometimes, so there was nothing to do but confront this ghost of ages past.

He finally gives Anakin his full attention and offers a smile that is merely a tiny upturning of the corner of his mouth. With a voice only slightly changed by age, he replies.

"Yes, it has been a long time."
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Of course, if it is a vision, then the strange mash of Anakin's appearance could simply be an inability to chose a single moment in Anakin's life to recreate. Either way, strange or not, he's not convinced this is a real person just yet.

The surge of emotion from Anakin puzzles him, but as the young man approaches, Obi-Wan is hyper-aware of the fact that he's trying not to come across as threatening or overly-exuberant.

"I suppose so," he agrees. He's still not sure what they're supposed to be talking about. A good place to start would be, "And what would you have to tell me?"
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Obi-Wan also glances at their surroundings, and he nods. There was a reason he was being led away from the city in the first place. Anakin had been leaving the populated center, after all.

"If you know of a better place to talk, then lead the way."
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The trip out to Anakin's starfighter at least has Obi-Wan rethinking this vision thing. His former Padawan's declaration dispels the idea entirely. Of course, the emotions that bubble up at this new information are a jumble; regret, sadness, nostalgia, love, disappointment and the defeat of crushed dreams all vie for prominence, and the older man swallows thickly and nods.

"I felt a strange disturbance in the Force several days ago and I left my exile to investigate," he replies. "I'm guessing that was around the time when you arrived here. And seeing as how I don't recall you ever disappearing during the war, you evidently find a way back."
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"No, no stories from you about anything like this." Obi-Wan shakes his head, frowning. "And yes. My exile. I've had to go into hiding. I'm one of the last of the Jedi, one of only two that I know of for certain to have survived the end of the war."
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"Believe it, because this is now reality."

His eyes narrow ever so slightly, but more in a skeptical way than anything hostile. "And what version of events have you heard?"

Because there's the Imperial Version, and then there's The Truth.
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A little bit of anger stirs at Anakin's reaction to the Emperor's betrayal. His expression clouds and he's once more back on Mustafar, tears marring his soot-stained cheeks, and for a moment, one heartless moment, he has the urge to tell this man standing before him exaclty how it's his fault; exaclty how far away from the Chosen One he really is.

But the moment passes, and he turns away to hide the tears that threaten, even as he fights to loosen the tension in his body. He has no idea what telling Anakin the full details will do to history. If Obi-Wan has no recollection of Anakin telling him a wild story of time-travel and a dystopian future where the Jedi are all but extinct, then maybe he isn't this time-line's Anakin? Again, what would telling this Anakin do to his history?

Softly, he chooses to say, "You were...conflicted." To say the least. "And no one saw it coming, my friend. Even when you returned to the Temple to tell Master Windu, no one wanted to believe it."
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Obi-Wan spins around to face him, his face stern; a look Anakin would be familiar with from his Padawan days. The look that says he's about to cross a line with his Master, and he'd better think long and hard about doing so.

"That," Obi-Wan replies firmly, meaning Anakin's tone and attitude. He points at the younger man. "That, right there. That is what led you into trouble; took you to a place where no one, not me, not the Council, not Padme - no one - could pull you from. Your inability to see beyond yourself..." he trails off, knowing that the conclusion of that sentence is not really the best way to tell someone that they broke the galaxy into a million pieces.

He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. He lets his anger go, though he's still on guard and ready to be on the defensive if Anakin doesn't likewise back down a bit.
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Wall O'Text; I think he's *really* wanted to tell this story....

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How much to tell him? How should he be told? Best to tell the story from his own perspective, and go from there.

"Three years after the war began, we finally got wind of where General Grievous was hiding. The Council sent me to Utapau to deal with him once and for all. You and I parted company as we always had, as friends and brothers, looking forward to meeting again to share our tales.

"The battle on Utapau was fierce, but I managed to destroy Grievous. Shortly after reuniting with Cody and the rest of the troops, I went off to help in another part of the battle. That was when, inexplicably, Cody and the others turned on me. The creature I was using as transport is the only reason that I survived. She interjected herself between me and the sniper shot. We fell into the water and I managed to escape in Grievous' starfighter."

He sighs, trying to marshal his thoughts. "Bail Organa was the one who came to my rescue. He'd picked up Master Yoda from Kashyyyk, where the story was much the same: the battle was going well, the clones received some sort of transmission, and then tried to kill him. The Wookiees helped Yoda to escape.

"We tried to contact the Temple, but all we found was a recall beacon had been activated, calling Jedi back from the front lines. Yoda and I had to fight our way into the Temple, which was patrolled by troops and littered with the bodies of fallen Jedi."

Obi-Wan leans against Anakin's ship, partly because he needs the support while he drudges up the painful memories. His voice breaks a bit as he continues, "They were all dead. The Masters, the Knights....the younglings. No one was left alive. Master Yoda was the one to point out that they didn't die from blaster fire; it had been a lightsabre that cut them all down. I had to know who had done this terrible thing, and after I reset the beacon to warn the Jedi to stay away, I went to the security archives.

"Master Yoda advised me not to, that my curiosity would only bring more pain. Part of me wishes I'd listened to him..."

He falls silent and rubs a hand over his face as if trying to erase the images conjured by his words.
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It's tempting, isn't it? Test out the "Certain Point of View" (tm) to see if it'll work...

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"No, I didn't," he admits. He regards Anakin for a long moment before saying, "I wish with all my heart that you could tell me what happened between the moment I left and the moment I returned; what could make you turn from us...I can only suspect that desperation had something to do with it. And that...your family...was involved somehow."
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"Master Yoda charged me with tracking you down; and if I couldn't talk you out of whatever insanity you'd fallen into I would have to use lethal force. I figured Padme would know where you'd gone, so I paid her a visit. She couldn't believe me, but I knew she'd find you all the same, if only to ask for herself. I waited after I left, and then snuck onto her ship and stowed away.

"We ended up on Mustafar; she confronted you, and it was going well until you saw me step off the ship. You accused her of betraying you and tried to kill her. I managed to distract you and we fought.

"After our duel, I took Padme to a medic." His face is filled with sorrow as he regards Anakin. "The medics couldn't explain her rapid deterioration, save that she'd given up the will to live. She passed away shortly thereafter, and the children along with her."

He doesn't care what timeline Anakin is from, he won't betray the children's secret. So don't mind him if he indulges in a little bit of omission.

And he'll let Anakin read between the lines on how that duel ended.

Nooooooooo kidding >.<

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