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[for Theon] /making shit up/

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Maybe it was showing off a bit, but Anakin had totally done a completely gratuitous fly-over of the Resolute when they arrived so Theon could appreciate the capital ship's majesty. And of course, once they settled in the hangar bay, he'd see there were even more ships carried inside. Starfighters, troop transports, etc.

Luckily, Obi-Wan wasn't there yet so Anakin hadn't had to explain to him what was up. The troopers more or less accepted he's a contact of the general's, no need to ask for details and Yularen? Well, Anakin gave the admiral more or less the same explanation except with Jedi business tacked on the end of it.

Eventually, of course, he'll have to provide something better when the Council comes calling but for the time being, it's easy enough to find quarters to put Theon up in. No need to mention the small room had last been used by Anakin's former padawan.

What Anakin hadn't expected was that, instead of being called to another battle, they were being recalled to Coruscant. Not because of Theon's presence, but instead something about an experimental weapons prototype. Why it was on Coruscant, Anakin wondered, instead of of the industrial shipyards out there was a mystery presumably known only to the Chancellor.

Still, it does lead him to find Theon and remark, "I know you've mostly only seen the inside of a ship and a bunch of clones up until now but we'll be getting a change of scenery soon."
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It’s been strange to get used to, but compared to where he was and how it had all ended up, he’ll gladly take a little weirdness. It’s still hard to comprehend their current location, that giant ship hovering about in space. There’s a great deal of armored machines around - droids, right, those- and armored troops, all milling about. Everything is metal, too, or even materials he doesn’t entirely even recognize. There’s a sigil he’s seen around that he doesn’t recognize: but soon he finds out it stands not for some family, but for the Republic. Sometimes, he finds himself missing certain aspects of home… the forests and the familiar sights around Winterfell. The sea as well, but he has to remind himself about the things he should be missing, from his true home. There are people he misses as well, but that’s all tinged with too much regret, and he’d rather not dwell on such.

At least up here, no one calls him a Turncloak. At least here, he doesn’t have to run off to the Night’s Watch and take those vows in order to set aside his past. He’s starting over but without the old rules of his home.

“Just when I was starting to admire the view in here… Are we headed on some mission? Where to?”
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“The capital, hm? Then that’s where the king… I mean, the ruler of your Republic is located?” Not a King, he’s pretty sure that was mentioned at some point or other. Theon imagines something along the lines of King’s Landing when he thinks about a big city.

Yeah. He has no idea. No idea whatsoever.
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Theon can see that it’s somehow not ideal, this Republic and this senate. “That’s still so strange to me that leaders could be chosen like that. Where I’m from, we’ve never bothered with elections. The firstborn son is entitled to inherit his father’s title, whether king or lord… though you can luck out sometimes even as a third son, if the first two die off…” That was his situation, anyway, ha, yeah for all the good it had done him. A pesky sister thrown in sort of ruined things. “I might have been a king myself, you know, if my father’s rebellion had succeeded.” Or if he’d succeeded in his own attempt at seizing the north. But he doesn’t want to think about that mistake.

“Anyway, not that it matters here.” He’s still got to get used to that, homeland titles mean nothing, not all the way out in space. “I’ve got to see this.”
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Yes, they definitely won’t be ruling for very long if they can’t manage it. It may not be an election, at all, but it certainly is a way of saying that person doesn’t “Then that firstborn wouldn’t last very long in their position. You hear about it, every so often, a lord who meets his fate in an accident or a poisoning or similar… There have been some bad kings. One not long ago went mad, they got rid of him and his whole family.” He grins a little. “Our last king made it look easy. Then again all he did was hunt and drink and whore around…”

Not a bad way to spend your time, but probably not the best for ruling the seven kingdoms. He follows along and stares out the viewport, still utterly fascinated at the sight of space suddenly slowing down and the planet looming before them. “That never gets old.”
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“They did until recently. He had a hand in the victory against the last king… An election would probably be a less bloody way to take a bad ruler out of his position, though.” He can’t imagine that way ever gaining favor in the Seven Kingdoms, though. Not a chance.

As the sprawling urban planet comes more into view, Theon looks even more astonished at the sight of it all the ships, zooming past rapidly. As buildings come into view, gleaming metallic and lit up, he realizes that once again he had no real comparison to anything he knew before. “When you said a city, I imagined a large castle, perhaps a lot of buildings clustered together… not anything like this…”
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The idea of elections is weird enough that anything else would definitely bring it over the edge. Though for now, he watches as the planet looms closer, the bustling city landscape becomes even clearer. Anakin is right... the whole thing just seems devoid of any sort of "ground" in the normal sense.

"You left that wide open for me to ask, but what's wrong with the lower levels?" Oh he has a feeling the answer is something unpleasant.
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"Sounds like something they'd say to scare children," he says as he continues watching the remarkable sight of the city lights, the racing ships, endless traffic traveling across the planet. "Don't go into that horrible place or something will get you..." Don't go north of the wall, where there are wildlings and worse. "Though given that last planet we visited and the thing we fought, I'll take your word for it."
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"Are they any worse than the thing we fought? Do I really want to know the answer to that question?" Already, Theon is seeing things that he'd never have imagined, things he's just getting the words to describe. He thought regular ships on water were something, that horse-drawn carriages were adequate transport... it's nothing like these starships.
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[ooc: ohh, fun, I'm always up for things like dressingrooms! That and keeping this whole thing continuing would be awesome... Whereabouts should I jump in? The open post at Maz's?]

"'Great. 'Big things that indifferently kill you'... the worlds out here just keep getting more exciting." Or terrifying. It's better to make light of it instead though, that sort of attitude usually works best as a go-to thing. "I hope the people on this world aren't as threatening."
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[ooc: Ok, I have it open in a tab to get at when I have some more time! Likely the Maz one then, though the afterlife idea amuses me now... probably despite being not canonically dead, it's... not too hard to work something out for Theon, lol]

"Ah good, and I'd hope there would be some pretty women among them to enjoy as well." After all, yes, of course, there is business to deal with, but every world has to have a brothel, he figures. It's one of the most basic needs, and Theon is beyond curious to see what these otherworldly ladies have to offer.
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[ooc: Here we go!! Just a quick thing to get them started. And if we get to a stopping point eventually in that one, we can spring to the other prompts too! :)]