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the timeline strikes back [for fettchquest]

They're in the middle of a war. He spends a lot (a lot) of time on the front lines of battle. He rather expects to be defying death on a daily basis, it's all a part of the job description. Hell, even if there wasn't a war on and there was no title of 'general' attached to his name it was still somewhere in the Jedi job description. But mostly it's droids trying to kill him. Sure, there's the rare pirate or Sith or gundark but mostly? Droids.

At first, the idea that someone out there was specifically targeting him hadn't quite pierced his awareness. A few stray blaster bolts or even thermal detonator on a battlefield doesn't make much of a dent even when they get almost too close. Lost among the noise. But first there was the dead body no one could account for. Whoever it was was definitely not a part of the Republic forces and didn't seem to belong to the Seps either but someone had certainly made sure to very professionally put a clean shot through their skull. Even that might not have seemed too strange if the dead man hadn't been carrying a holoimage of Anakin and no other identifying information.

The next time it's noticed is when one of the clones doesn't quite seem to fit in place. He's caught before he gets much more than a chance to lay eyes on Skywalker since the other clones in his squadron can tell even despite the armor that he doesn't fit in. Stupid, Anakin thinks, for the inflitrator to really believe the clones, or Anakin himself for that matter, can't tell one from the other whether they're wearing armor or not. The man was just lucky he hadn't actually killed the clone whose armor he stole or they wouldn't have merely imprisoned him for interrogation. Unfortunately, he managed to die before the interrogation actually happened. While Anakin doesn't lose too much sleep over the man's death, the fact that it happened with no explanation while the man was in his custody was an entirely different matter.

Once is just something unusual. Two is a coincidence. But the third time happens when he's flying his starfighter back to the Resolute after a successful engagement and a ship that doesn't quite match any model he's ever seen comes out of nowhere to attack him. The last time something like that had happened, it had been Ventress but this pilot was no Dark acolyte much less a Force-user. Competent behind the stick, maybe, but certainly not good enough to give him a real challenge. The resulting fireball when he shoots his opponent down comes as a surprise, though, as he'd been fairly certain he'd made a surgical strike in piercing the cockpit. He'd wanted, at least, to be able to study the ship and whatever data it carried but instead all he's left with is a floating mess of shrapnel. All he could conclude was that they'd been flying with a kill switch enabled.

Three times is most definitely a pattern, and one strong enough that he's called back before the Council to explain the pattern of events. Even the Chancellor, he's told, has taken an interest. But all Anakin hears is that he's to be confined to the capital until further notice. As if he can't look after himself.

"It's not like they don't need every good general they can get out there," he fumes later to Padme, "it's not like I'm not risking my life every single day. I suppose I should just be happy they didn't order me to stay within the Temple too like some youngling..." Needless to say, it wasn't one of their more pleasant visits and of course he'll regret not making the most of the time he had with her later.

He's right, though, they can't in good conscience force him to stay on Coruscant with the war going as it is. And in some ways he's no safer there than anywhere else. That thought is driven home when the next attack takes place on the very steps of the Temple itself and once again the attacker dies before he can be made to talk. Or in this case, before he's even taken into custody. For a brief moment, Anakin remembers that night he and Obi-Wan had chased the bounty hunter who'd tried to assassinate Padme and how the Changeling had died just as she'd been about to tell them who'd hired her. It's with that thought still echoing in his mind that he catches a glimpse of the failed assassin's assassin. Mandalorian armor? While Jango Fett hadn't been the only one with claim to such a style (and certainly the clones' armor was patterned off it in many ways), it was unusual enough to be interesting. Especially since Fett was dead and Death Watch more or less dealt with.

Whoever the mystery Mandalorian is, he's got too much of a head start for Anakin to catch up with him but the next time someone tries to kill him --this was just getting ridiculous now-- Anakin focuses less on his own attacker and more on his mystery...benefactor? Either that or the one who's paying all of these people to murder him and then ensuring they're dead before they can talk. Whichever. So about the same time the latest attacker is falling to the Mandalorian's aim, Anakin is throwing a push of Force energy at him. With any luck, he'll be stunned and Anakin can beat the information out of him they can have a little chat.

[ooc: That got slightly longer than intended but I hope it works! I figure for that second one while random dude from the future can't fit in among clones in clone armor well...Fett's a clone, if a unique one, if anyone's going to infiltrate them that way it'd be him. So I could totally see one of the attacker's guards being Boba in a borrowed set of armor with no one the wiser]

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