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daddy daughter field trips [for organa]

True to his word, Anakin brought Leia along on his next mission. The Outer Rim Sieges were aptly named so the trip wasn't exactly a short one, even if military ships tended to have faster hyperdrives than civilian transport. Not to mention they had priority in the spacelanes...but the rules of physics still applied and interstellar space is vast and the planet they're headed for is quite far out on the Rim.

So he had also promised a sparring session, to test her skills. He'd intended for it to happen before they left Coruscant but of course things never work out exactly the way one intends.

While the Resolute was a large ship, she was also full of troops and varying ships and other war materiel. That meant there were few spaces large enough to properly accommodate Jedi lightsaber sparring sessions save one of the hangars. Which all but guaranteed they'd end up with an audience but there wasn't much that could be done about that.

"You still up for this?"
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Leia was grateful to get away. She was used to being the one cooped up safely beyond the war's reaches, having often been the one at the forefront of the fighting, dishing out orders on the fly when she wasn't wielding a blaster herself. Being back aboard a ship full of officers and soldiers felt more like the world she knew than any place on Coruscant had in the past year. She really should've tried to leave the planet on one of these missions sooner.

All that time spent at the Jedi Temple, however, wasn't for naught. She trained with not only her father, but the other Jedi Masters on the Council, learning a variety of lightsaber techniques and ways to control and refine her abilities that she wouldn't have been able to pick up anywhere else. There was only so much to go by when listening to instinct, and Luke had received a crash course at best with what he was able to learn. In many ways, Leia had received a more thorough lesson in how to be a Jedi than her brother had, though he too was broadening his Jedi horizons by way of being able to train with the greats that were absent from their dismal future.

Greats that would be around for much longer than they were, if she had anything to say about it.

"Of course I am," the princess responds, reaching for the hilt holstered at her hip. "Why wouldn't I be?"
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"Maybe," she admits with a light shrug, "but in my experience, second thoughts aren't always a good enough reason to back down."

Especially when someone was as stubborn enough as the daughter of Padmé Amidala and Anakin Skywalker.
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It is. A little too reminiscent, and for a moment her mind misinterprets spacial turbulence for hovering across Tatooine's harsh and rugged landscape. She has to forcibly remind herself that she is not on that awful world and while Jabba may still be thriving here in the past, he's nowhere near her. That the one who wronged her (and Han) is dead by her own hands.

"Let's begin."

If anything, the unwelcomed reminder does well to rile her up, and her lightsaber leaps obediently into her hand, the green blade springing to life.
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This would be one of those rare instances where something he did didn't remind her of Darth Vader. Instead, it was the resemblance he bore to his son and a different awful situation where someone else was wearing that figurative dark cape. Vader was corrupted, misled, and manipulated. Jabba the Hutt was simply rotten to the core. In many ways, she held the slimy gangster in far greater disdain than she ever would the man who held her in place while Alderaan was obliterated.

Fair or not, Leia appreciates that he doesn't hold back — an enemy wouldn't, and she needs to be ready. As battle-hardened as she may be, the truth remains that while she might be a seasoned military commander, she is a Jedi novice who hasn't had the years worth of training that other lightsaber wielders do. Having the blood of a Force-spawned being flowing through her veins might give her something of an advantage in some areas, but there's still much to learn. Much more that she needs to be prepared for that she didn't see within the sheltered walls of the Jedi Temple.

She ducks, dodges, and parries, blocking his blade. Her style is unrefined, a mix of previous experience in swinging a vibrosword and the various techniques taught to her over the past year by practitioners of various forms. Maybe she ought to nail down a preferred form of her own, but she's hoping that mixing it up makes her all the more unpredictable.
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"You forget," Leia pants out as she takes a few steps back herself, passing her lightsaber from one hand to the other as she shrugs off one of the outer layers of her robes. "I was the leading diplomat when I was with the Alliance. I argued my case, and you'd be surprised what a good convincing argument can do."
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"He doesn't care for me much," she says between swings. "Likely, because he really doesn't seem to care for you, and I've been told I inherited several of your mannerisms. But he's smart enough to realize I have real potential. Potential that I was going to use with—"

Leia sidesteps to avoid catching her arm on his blade, "—or without his help. Better that I know how to do things properly than hazarding guesses of debatable educational merit."

Something he likely saw during the weeks he spent with Luke. Her brother couldn't be faulted for the leaps he was forced to make while learning how to be a Jedi, but there was no denying that he went about some things in ways the Jedi in this time period didn't. Either because he simply didn't know or there hadn't been enough time for Yoda to finish teaching it to him. His best guess was as good as it got.
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oh man

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Having spent quality time with the father she never knew makes it easy to envision a world where Anakin Skywalker wasn't consumed by darkness. But a world in which he never learned the ways of the Force — at least properly, the Jedi way — is surprisingly difficult to fathom. Which wasn't to say that there wasn't far more to him than just being a Jedi, but it was the one thing that stood out. The one thing Luke had known about him that was fact at some point in the man's life. A constant.

"I think you were always meant to be a Jedi," she says firmly, breathing a little ragged as the duel catches up with her.

Leia's experienced, but she's far more practiced with a blaster and her past opponents are nowhere near being up to par with her father. He's quicker than she is, and she's having to jump back to avoid joining armless family ranks.
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( ooc | well, i do only have two weeks of work left, then i'm on summer vacation for 2½ months, so now is the time to talk au shop. ;3 )

The clones are his saving grace. If not for their presence, Leia would have thrown the hilt of her lightsaber at his head while reminding him that father or not, they're about the same age.

He gets a mirthless look instead as she bends down to retrieve her outer robe, dabbing the fabric against the sweat that beaded up against her hairline. She doesn't know whether the Jedi on the Council had simply been holding back with her or if her father was a far more formidable opponent than any of them could ever hope to be, but he'd pushed her limits more than they ever did.

"Maybe later," she says, still a bit winded. "After you brief me on where we're headed."
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( ooc | one of the few perks of working in education is summer vacation — though i use "vacation" loosely, since workshops put limitations on leaving the area when you absolutely have to be back for them. and nice! have fun!! )

"We," she says, deliberately stretching the word as if to remind herself that she is now part of the Jedi equation, "wear far too many layers. I may have to shed some of them."

Unless they were going somewhere cold. Then she was bundling up, something she was an expert at doing thanks to months spent lying in wait beneath Hoth's frozen surface.

Leia tosses the robe over her shoulder and gestures for him to led the way. "Please."
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( ooc | oh man. i've never seen sea glass on our gulf beaches. )

In all honesty, Leia wouldn't have made so much of an effort to adhere to tradition if she weren't bound determined to blend in. She needed to be as inconspicuous as possible, especially while on Coruscant and within the Emperor's reach. But now that they were away from Palpatine and the unspoken dangers that came with remaining on the capital, maybe she could step away from aspects of the Jedi look for a while.

Once inside the somewhat sanctity of the officers' mess, Leia lets her hair down. Literally. One of the loops she'd twisted into had begun to unravel during their fight, and it was easier to shake her hair out and pull it up into something else than to try and repin it without a mirror. It gives her father a rare glance at how long his daughter's hair actually is, and by the time she sits down, she's got one long braid plaited over one shoulder.

"So, what does a ship like this even have to offer in terms of cold drinks?"

Was it even possible to be undignified in front of your daughter at this point, Anakin?
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It's possible, though would likely require assistance from Padmé's handmaidens in order to get all the strands in their proper places. Leia was good with her own hair, but it's been quite some time since she's had it up in anything too elaborate. There was never time or resources for that sort of thing during the war that waged in her own time. Even her wardrobe then was made up only a handful of gowns that were constantly altered and mended to appear different and new.

But she could, if necessary, probably pretend to be her mother. Probably far better in some areas than her best handmaiden with Leia's own political savvy. It's a thought that's crossed her mind, but one that she's been hesitant to voice out of fear (or certainty) that it would be shot down by all parties involved.

"I practically lived on them and had rooms like this to myself," she reminds him. Though the quip about having a room to herself was a lie, as even the high ranking and royal had to share. "But we weren't even close to having the resources you have at your disposal. Even on large ships like this, we'd often be reduced to rations and have to portion off our food to make sure the reserves stayed stocked until we were able to resupply."
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( ooc | future mission, perhaps? after anakin learns padmé's got a bun in the oven? )

Perhaps she would have, had she not been dispatched almost immediately following the battle to Bakura. The temporal divergence which brought her here plucked her from the middle of her trip back to Endor, preventing her from being briefed on anything that transpired while she was away and considerably out of range of standard communications. Things that she needed to be informed of, but were best not to trouble her with while she wasn't in any position to do anything about them.

But the name is familiar, even if doesn't ring bells for the reasons it ought to.

"I've heard of that world," she says, leaning over the table to peer closer at the map.

And she can't help the momentary pang of regret that surges through her when he mentions how long they're likely to be out here. It's not that she doesn't want to be here so much as it's just now hitting her how long she's going to be away from Han. She can reach out and touch Luke at any time, no matter the distance between them, but Han is another story.
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A shrug. She's heard both good and bad things, but having not been there herself, she can't say one way or the other whether the planet was good or bad. But as a presently Separatist controlled world and one that allied itself with the Empire in her time, the gist isn't necessarily bright. Especially if they're mass manufacturing battle droids.

"If they don't have a lot of traffic, that means their resources must come from the planet itself."

Like the asteroids that were hollowed out clean, leaving behind empty skeleton-like shells.
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She gets what he means, which is why she's planting her hands on her hips and fixing him with a borderline outraged look.

"And what, leave me up here on the ship to handle things from above?"
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"Oh, I'm sure it did. Multiple times."

She doesn't approve. Yes, she's perfectly capable of running things from orbit, but she doesn't prefer it. Leia wants to get her hands dirty, needs to hit something before she implodes. She's been itching for a fight for months, and she's not going to satisfy that craving by ordering around a bunch of officers unaccustomed to being under her command while he wrangles all the battle droids on the ground.
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"I don't need to be watched."

And yet, time and time again, she's done things to prove that she does. Reckless things — dangerous things that could have very well gotten her killed if people like Han weren't constantly watching her back, regardless of whether she wants them to or not.
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It is, and she'd say it's an inherited trait from both sides of the fence. Bail Organa was sarcastic at times, but he was nowhere near as acerbic as his adoptive daughter could be.

"You mean my own entourage? Because I've had several of those, and let me tell you, I was very good at losing them."
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"No, but I've had plenty of experience with what they become."

Entertaining for as long as they managed to survive her wrath. The armor the clones donned was unsettling enough as it is. She hadn't spent near as much time around them as Luke had. Certainly not enough to forget that they were the stormtroopers' predecessors.

Leia folded her arms. "From me or them?"
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They may be his men now, men that are hardwired to be loyal to the Republic and the Jedi they answer to, but she fears that may not always be so. Something happened to make them turn against the Jedi, to support the formation of the Empire. And after observing how dutiful the clones are, she can't help but wonder what exactly that something was. (Or if it's destined to happen again.)

She doesn't voice her concerns, though, opting to take that proverbial olive branch. Leia knows a pointless argument when she sees one, and the last thing this ship needs is two hotheaded Skywalkers shouting at one another when there were other, more pressing matters to attend to.

"I'd still like to carry a blaster when we go down there. If anything, they won't expect a woman in Jedi robes to have one."

Or to have vibroknives hidden in both her boots.
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( ooc | ...i totally forgot about that too, oops. i don't think anything else happened beyond that, though? )

"Precisely why the element of surprise would be working in our favor," she points out.

Running through more drills, though, she's less enthusiastic about in spite of agreeing with their necessity. Naturally skilled or not, she's still a novice, and will benefit from any sort of practice she's able to get in before engaging in her first official fight with a lightsaber.

"As long as you're not shouting critique from the sidelines."
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( ooc | let's roll with that. sounds like something they'd do. and I'M FREE! summer workshops aside, no more work until august! \o/ )

The princess rolls her eyes at that swoon comment, but takes his hand anyway, shaking her head.

"I won't argue that I need the practice, but you do realize this isn't my first battle," she reminds him. "It's just my first battle with a lightsaber, is all. If I can't handle it, well then, I'll just have to improvise."

A humble shrug of her shoulders. She'd gotten herself out of stickier situations before, and while she might not have Han to watch her back, there was no doubt in her mind that her father would be watching it in his place. Regardless of whether he could actually see her or not. Leia would certainly be doing the same for him, even if he didn't really need his quasi-trained daughter keeping an eye out for him.
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