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Anakin Skywalker ([personal profile] morally_cryptic) wrote2016-05-10 07:44 pm

daddy daughter field trips [for organa]

True to his word, Anakin brought Leia along on his next mission. The Outer Rim Sieges were aptly named so the trip wasn't exactly a short one, even if military ships tended to have faster hyperdrives than civilian transport. Not to mention they had priority in the spacelanes...but the rules of physics still applied and interstellar space is vast and the planet they're headed for is quite far out on the Rim.

So he had also promised a sparring session, to test her skills. He'd intended for it to happen before they left Coruscant but of course things never work out exactly the way one intends.

While the Resolute was a large ship, she was also full of troops and varying ships and other war materiel. That meant there were few spaces large enough to properly accommodate Jedi lightsaber sparring sessions save one of the hangars. Which all but guaranteed they'd end up with an audience but there wasn't much that could be done about that.

"You still up for this?"

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