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[for [personal profile] clobbers] the multiverse has it in for him

Solo missions were rare anymore. Even if he and Obi-Wan were split up they usually still had troops with them. But as the war went on, the Jedi and the GAR were spread ever thinner across the galaxy and this had been something that hadn't called for a full detachment. Just one Jedi, in and out.

Anakin had been shocked at how easy things had gone. Missions never went that easy.

Except this one, apparently.

He was even managing to do some honest-to-goodness meditation in the cockpit (because what else was he going to do for the next several hours of nothing to do?). Right up until his ship jolted out of hyperspace and the stars snapped back into focus around him.

Whatever just happened, he found that almost all of the ship's systems had been shorted out including Artoo. All he was left with was basic life support and his sublight engines.

And, it appeared, a planet that appeared habitable.

The problem with having only sublight engines and no repulsorlifts meant landing became a sort of hopefully-controlled skid into the ground instead of a gentle dropping onto landing gear. If Anakin hadn't been sure he was going to need to be outside of the ship to do his repairs (or call for help), he might not have even tried.

In the end, he'd chosen to shoot for a body of water near a city, figuring the landing (such as it was) would be marginally easier on the ship and if there was a city surely he could find holonet access to call back to the Republic for pickup.

Which was a great plan save that some of his ship's exterior plating had gotten loose during his controlled crash and was now letting water in, leaving him sinking rather quickly.

He's forced to leave the ship in the water and struggle to shore, cursing colorfully as he looks back toward his drowned ship (and Artoo!). "Might be able to get it out with the Force," he mutters to himself as he pushes a lock of wet hair out of his eyes, "but that's a lot of metal to move."

But it wasn't like he was just going to leave his droid down there, if nothing else.
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Having Winn on-side means that she continues to have the proverbial heads-up when anything out-of-the-blue pops up--in National City, or elsewhere. She'd been on her way back home with a deadline looming for an article she's only got halfway written and an injured Daxamite crashing on her couch—a full plate already, when the call comes in. Alien craft marooned just off the coast, may or may not be hostile. Great! After the whole ordeal with CADMUS, Kara is actually really looking forward to the prospect of punching someone.

But what her enhanced senses can hear and see before she even arrives on the scene is... odd. She must appear odd in turn, seemingly human, able to fly like it's nothing.

"Sounds like you need a hand." Kara doesn't assume he's human, though she does take a look with her x-ray vision to be sure. From what she can see? Yep. Human. Weird. She hovers overhead, one brow raised in question. No matter how many times she's been burned, trusting others is still her default. Life in J'onn's pessimistic realm of being just isn't for her.

"You just might want to hang onto something, if you're interested."
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While she doesn't assume she's being checked out, (this girl is much too oblivious for that) she does feel awkward under such intense scrutiny. She clears her throat, unaware if there's any colour in her cheeks to betray her discomfort. No, there's no hover technology. It's as if she's suspended in place like a marionette, only without the strings.

"Because you're about to hitch a ride."

One second she's floating; the next, she's diving underwater. There might seem to be no rhyme or reason to it. Until his ship rises out of the water seemingly on its own, and heads straight for the shore. Not knowing his intentions, she takes them somewhere between the city itself and the DEO facility. Which means, sadly, squarely in the middle of the desert. The ship is dropped almost gently into the sand, and there she is again, standing directly beside it.

Her eyes turn toward the craft for a moment, taking in its appearance with no small amount of curiosity. No ship she's seen has looked quite like this one.

"Where are you from, exactly?"
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i really hope this is as funny as i found writing it to be c:

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Probably not; and she's got a better sense of perception and awareness when it comes to potential threats than she does for social cues. Kara stands tall and straight, not all that much shorter than him in the grand scheme of things. So she uses that to look him levelly, not posturing in any manner which might be considered threatening, but the look on her face is one of wariness.

"Um." Is he serious? This time, both her eyebrows rise, and one corner of her mouth twitches upward. "Did Winn put you up to this?"

Yes, she's quite familiar with the concept of Jedi, thanks to being friends with someone who is a bigger nerd than she is. There's only one problem: they're fictional. And Halloween came and went almost a month ago, by now.

"Well! Even if he did, I'm hardly one to judge if you want to walk around in a costume." Seeing that's what she's doing, after all! "If you tell me what convention you're headed to, I can drop you off."
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Boy, is she ever the wrong one to have come across this cosplayer out here! Winn would be eating up every second of these Star Wars references. Kara enjoyed the movies enough, herself, though the crown for Biggest Nerd most definitely belongs to her friend.

"I did say I'm not one to judge." Touchy, isn't he? Kara's smile is easy, and a little amused. He's gone through a lot of trouble for whatever convention he'd been headed to. That's some serious dedication. Kara turns away to walk around the vessel again, giving it a slightly more serious appraisal. But no, she's still never seen technology like this--or that looks like this, anyway.

She's a lot dubious on whether or not the thing would ever actually be airworthy. "All right, I'll play along," She says, rounding the corner of the ship to stand off to the side from him. "That is a silly question, because this planet is... pretty primitive. Compared to what I grew up with."

Well, everyone who reads a paper or magazine knows Supergirl is from another planet. So she's not shy about talking about it now. "There's the internet--but that only connects devices on this planet. And I'm guessing you know that."
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True, and the fact that she's never seen anything like it, even in her broad travels through the stars with her father lends credence to that. But it's a bit of a stretch to reconcile the very real (and advanced) technology in front of her with the wild fiction he represents. It occurs to her that he might simply have observed or heard about the movies and decided to take up the guise of a 'Jedi' for his own reasons.

The fact that he's human just makes this all the more odd, frankly. Not even humanoid, but human.

"You can direct a signal at any planet that shows up on a star chart at the nearest space observatory, for one." Like Mon-El had done. If this guy is legit and not pulling her leg, she just hopes wherever he's hoping to contact is actually there. Whole. In the meantime, she decides that it can't hurt to bring him in to the DEO. Both for observation, and to repair his ship. Slowly, she nods her head.

"Yeah, give me a sec." What comes next is a conversation between Kara and several people via comm device. "Listen--yeah, I know--oh, thanks. You're a lifesaver, Alex."

Once it's over, she appears a bit more relaxed than before. "You'll have to get back on or in your ship so I can take it in. Unless you can fly without it. I'll explain everything when we get there--it's late."
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That uncertainty is a feeling they share right now. However, she's not cruel and leaving him out here when the sun's already set and the temperature is dropping isn't something she's prepared to do.

"That's about the limit of the technical advancement on this planet. I'm sorry." And she genuinely is. Kara raises her head, amusement tugging the corners of her mouth upward.

"You're not the only one of us not originally from Earth."

The limit of what she'll actually explain without knowing anything about him has been met. Yeah, it's a weird situation; but it's been a weird week, and an even weirder month. Might as well just roll with the oddities and see where they lead her, right? Kara waits for him to get back on or in his vessel, and then off they go for another cruise through the air. Only a matter of moments pass before she's guiding them through what appears to be an open window in a highrise building, and plops the ship smack dab in the middle of the floor. There's agents clad in black all over the place, but while wary, don't exude any obvious air of threat toward him, either.
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apologies for the late reply! it's been crazy on the irl front.

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"Oh there's one or two others at least." J'onn and her cousin, respectively. M'gann, too, though that's why she'd said 'at least.' "I'm just the easiest one to notice."

For obvious reasons; like the fact that she zooms about in a super bright costume, for one. Winn is right there, scampering down the steps two at a time when kara drops the ship in the main lobby. His mouth agape, he takes several turns around the vessel before exclaiming how awesome it is. She clears her throat and raises an eyebrow, about to fill him in on everything when Anakin decides to emerge from the ship. At once, the agents surrounding them draw their weapons, and Kara whirls forward to put herself between them and their new guest.

"Guys, c'mon. The last time something like this happened, I was a pretty good judge of character. It's fine."

That seems to work. Great. She releases a gusty sigh of relief, and turns to glance over at Anakin, her mouth twitching as if she's barely holding back a smile. Hint: that's really the case.

"Looks sure can be deceiving, can't they?" She remarks blithely. "The tech here almost makes me miss home a bit less. Almost. And I should introduce myself now, right? Right! My name is Kara Zor-El."

And here, let her offer a hand to shake before J'onn and Alex bust in and demand answers. It's going to be a little while before this ship's going anywhere.
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Re: apologies for the late reply! it's been crazy on the irl front.

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( ooc: It sure is for me. Between work and the family stuff, it's crazy. :s )

It doesn't seem as though Kara would actually let them fire the guns, in any rate. Kara's handshake is a strong one, and she looks apologetic as she releases his hand. That's still something she's working on; tempering her strength. That look changes when he introduces himself, and it's certain that the entire facility is able to hear the little squawk of excitement Winn makes on the other side of the ship. With a speed that impresses her, he rounds the craft and exclaims a very audible "No way.

Kara, meanwhile, manages to find her smile again, as well as amusement enough to laugh. If she shares in Winn's recognition, it's a bit. More subtle.

"Nice to meet you. And you're welcome. This is the Department of Extranormal Operations, DEO for short. It might not look like a hangar, but they've got the most advanced tech in the country here."

Maybe the world, even. Actually, that's entirely likely.
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Kara makes the necessary introductions, urging Winn to breathe when his turn comes up. It's just like when she'd first brought Clark here, she thinks to herself with an amused roll of her eyes. J'onn and Alex look as though they're torn between thinking he's a cosplayer and an alien masquerading as a fictional character in turns. And Kara, as usual, is left trying to smooth out the awkward that she hasn't caused. For once.

"Aliens. Like me." She waves a hand, inviting him to join her in walking past the assembled agents, through the control room and out to the rest of the facility. There's definitely no holonet here, but the workshop which Winn typically commandeers is full to brimming with tools. She stands just to the side of the door, and nods her head toward it.

"Some humans offer us amnesty--others feel we have no place here. It's why I hide who I am. It wouldn't end well for my family, otherwise. But, anyway! All the tools you could want are in here."

She'll follow in after him, glancing around. Mechanics, like science, is a bit beyond her.

"I think."
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"You'll want to talk to Winn about the specifics, once he's come down off cloud nine." Her features soften with her amusement, making it clear that the two of them are friends. It does occur to her that Kelex might be helpful in sending a signal, and she'll be turning that avenue over in her mind for a while. It's not like she can't do it by herself, so long as she knows which planet he wants to hail.

His question strikes her off-guard, and she glances over with a little sigh. "Because I have family here. A cousin I'm related to by blood, and the good people who adopted me. It's... become like home."

Despite a goodly amount of humans not appreciating that fact.

"My planet was destroyed, as was its sister-world. There's no home to go back to, even if I wanted to."
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Her features soften into an expression which is at once sad and gentle. "Thanks. I'm actually glad that you can't. I wouldn't wish it on anyone." Not even the enemies who'd as soon see her dead than occupying this planet. Her notion of 'home' has been forced to adapt and evolve, until it's become something resembling Anakin's notion of home. Her friends, the Danvers family and her cousin make this planet as much like one as she'll ever find. Shifting, she grasps hold of a tool she's seen Winn use a lot and offers it to him in case he'll need it.

"As funny as it sounds, I'm lucky that I can hide. Most of the refugees on Earth can't."

So, she never complains. She watches him for a little while, before venturing to ask quietly: "What about you? If it's all right to ask--is it home you're looking to go back to, or somewhere else?"
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Wait, wait—what?! Kara straightens, her expression hardening into a more serious look. "War--what's going on out there?" This planet is way, way in the backwater; it's entirely believable that the conflict he's been part of would never even have been heard of here, let alone had an affect on its people. Whatever it is, it has nothing inherently to do with her. But it doesn't have to for her to be concerned, and feel a pang of guilt. Like she should be helping, somehow.

Some jokes fly clean over her head, and while this isn't one of them, her response is a mere small smile. "You'll get back to them."

She says that like it's a promise, and to her? It is.

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