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Solo missions were rare anymore. Even if he and Obi-Wan were split up they usually still had troops with them. But as the war went on, the Jedi and the GAR were spread ever thinner across the galaxy and this had been something that hadn't called for a full detachment. Just one Jedi, in and out.

Anakin had been shocked at how easy things had gone. Missions never went that easy.

Except this one, apparently.

He was even managing to do some honest-to-goodness meditation in the cockpit (because what else was he going to do for the next several hours of nothing to do?). Right up until his ship jolted out of hyperspace and the stars snapped back into focus around him.

Whatever just happened, he found that almost all of the ship's systems had been shorted out including Artoo. All he was left with was basic life support and his sublight engines.

And, it appeared, a planet that appeared habitable.

The problem with having only sublight engines and no repulsorlifts meant landing became a sort of hopefully-controlled skid into the ground instead of a gentle dropping onto landing gear. If Anakin hadn't been sure he was going to need to be outside of the ship to do his repairs (or call for help), he might not have even tried.

In the end, he'd chosen to shoot for a body of water near a city, figuring the landing (such as it was) would be marginally easier on the ship and if there was a city surely he could find holonet access to call back to the Republic for pickup.

Which was a great plan save that some of his ship's exterior plating had gotten loose during his controlled crash and was now letting water in, leaving him sinking rather quickly.

He's forced to leave the ship in the water and struggle to shore, cursing colorfully as he looks back toward his drowned ship (and Artoo!). "Might be able to get it out with the Force," he mutters to himself as he pushes a lock of wet hair out of his eyes, "but that's a lot of metal to move."

But it wasn't like he was just going to leave his droid down there, if nothing else.


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