Aug. 5th, 2015

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Ringo Vinda and what had happened with Tup and Master Tiplar had been bad enough. Having to take a side-trip to the Chancellor's office to tell Palpatine what had happened--the Chancellor had insisted and since it had been his suggestion for the mission, Anakin hadn't been in any position to refuse--had been even worse. It was still difficult, when in the Chancellor's presence, to reconcile the man before him with the Sith lord Luke and Leia knew.

It was easier to see himself as Vader than to see Palpatine as this Emperor. Perhaps because Anakin was self-aware enough to know how closely he'd treaded to line in the past, perhaps simply because he'd seen the masked figure himself through Leia's memory she'd offered him. Or maybe just because he'd dreamed of the future he still devoutly hoped would never happen.

And then came the news that Master Shaak Ti had brought Fives back to Coruscant, bound and restrained, with an apparently wild tale he insisted he tell the Chancellor. Only it seemed he'd tried to assassinate Palpatine instead and taken off, disappearing into the streets of Coruscant. The belief was that he had snapped the same way Tup had and troopers had been dispatched to locate him.

Anakin planned on getting there first.

Normally, he would have brought Rex along since Fives would be more likely to trust his Captain than any other clone but someone had ordered that the 501st stay put until all of them were inoculated for the supposed virus that had affected Tup and Fives.

So, strangely enough, it's down to the hangar where the Twilight sits that Anakin goes. He doesn't actually pause for pleasantries, "you want something to do? I've got a job. And we need to go now."


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