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Prompt. Scars are tattoos with better stories. ~From a Toyota advertisement in Sports Illustrated magazine, 3 June 2002
Character. Anakin Skywalker
Your character's fandom. Star Wars
Word count. 189
Rating. G
Disclaimer. Not mine. Anakin/Jedi/Star Wars/etc belongs to Lucasfilms and George Lucas. I'm just borrowing for a time and for entertainment. No money is made off of this fic. Thank you!

He had more than a few scars, really though most people only noticed the one over his eye. It made for an exciting story, about how the Sith-apprentice Ventress had given it to them during their lightsaber duel on Coruscant.

But he never told that story. Not unless he had to. He'd talk about starfighter battles over planets near and far, of near brushes with death, and of his exploits as a human child podracer. But not about the scar over his eye.

The holocasters liked to refer to it as "Skywalker's badge of honor", of proof of how heroic he must be, hinting at a story behind it even more heart-poundingly intense than the one that was real. He never corrected them. On any of it. Instead, he did his duty and ignored them, for the most part.

He didn't talk about the mostly-faded ones either, from podracing accidents or the few people who'd thought they had license to be rough with him because he was only a slave even if he'd also been a child. Of course, only Padme saw those and she? She didn't need to ask.
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Once was a fluke, the product of his guilt, perhaps, for leaving her. Twice...might be chalked up to his anxiety over the first compounded by his guilt.

But three times? Three nights in a row where his sleep was interrupted by terror and pain and he woke up covered in sweat and throat raw? That was something to pay attention to.

Even when others told him the dreams would pass in time, he knew they wouldn't. She was out there, in pain somewhere, she'd die if he didn't find her.

He never should have left her. He should have made them take her too. Why had he just left?

Because he'd been a stupid, trusting child, of course. He hadn't known any better.

But that was a lie. Of course he'd known better. Even then he'd known what life was really like. He'd had no illusions about what could happen to her, especially if Watto sold her to someone else. Being a child wasn't an excuse. Not in the least.

He'd have to go back. No matter what Obi-Wan said.
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They'd been bombarding the droid base for a month already. In the rain. It was hardly what anyone would term fun. Anakin still hadn't been entirely sure why he was even there. Most of the work was being done by the artillery, after all and there hadn't been much call for either starfighters -- though he did wonder if an aerial bombardment would work better but there were no capital ships to spare for this particular operation -- or for much close-in action.

He was bored and eventually he'd have to find something to do before he went crazy but for now he was contenting himself with something sort of like meditating. Okay, more like daydreaming. Or fantasizing. And of course it would be about Padme, his thoughts usually turned to her when he wasn't focusing on the mission at hand. If only she could be there righ-...well, no. If only he could be with her right now.

Somewhere in there, as his thoughts drifted along, Anakin began to imagine what things might be like for them in the future. How he'd like them to be, anyway. He would have gotten that silly rule about attachments done away with and they could be husband and wife in the open instead of only in the dark. He'd be a master by then, for sure, probably having had a padawan or two of his very own and maybe...

...maybe even children. That was a thought that both terrified and filled him with a fierce sort of longing all at once. A son with his mother's looks and his father's talent. A son he could teach the ways of the Force, who would grow up to be a great Jedi in his own right. And the daughter would have to take after her mother as well, he couldn't imagine it any other way. She'd have the sharp wit and a tongue to match, too, he imagined, smiling.

If only things could be like that. He'd make it happen. But first they needed to finish this Force-be-damned mission. Anakin sat up from and stretched, looking out over the battlefield. There had to be a way to make things go more quickly...

Note:[ooc: leads into the eating bugs scene in Chapter 22 of Clone Wars
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So, in honor of Skippy's List, I was inspired to make one for Anakin. Some of these were taken from Skippy's list word for word because they fit so well, some have had words changed to make them better blend with the Star Wars-verse, and some I made up all on my lonesome.

Feel free to add more in the comments if you think of any.

51 things Anakin Skywalker is not allowed to do. )
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It's a letter he'd never send. Never even think. It's there, somewhere, buried deep in the back of his mind, but he'd never admit it, even to himself. He hasn't seen the person he'd send it to in years, anyway. Decades. He knows the old man isn't dead...well, he thinks the old man isn't dead. Hiding, probably, waiting for the opportune moment, whatever that is, but not dead. He'd feel it, wouldn't he? Even now as he is?

But this, too, is a thought he doesn't allow himself to have. That person, that life he'd once had was dead to him now. Darth Vader, not Anakin Skywalker. Anakin might have sent the letter, but Vader had no reason to. Vader wasn't sorry, after all. Vader didn't miss anyone. And he certainly wouldn't rant and rail at his former Master for leaving him there. For giving up on him. For not trying harder. For...something. These are all signs of weakness. And Darth Vader is not weak even if the man once called Anakin Skywalker is. Was.

Wordcount: 174
Note: the letters don't exist, so they can't be written. But they are referred to. And yes, they're both to the same person.
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Which is the more exquisite sensation: revenge, relief, or vindication?

They deserved every bit of his revenge. His anger. They deserved the death he brought to them. Even now, years later, he believes that. Even now, when he imagines that night he has to work to feel guilt enough to drown out the memory of how powerful he felt. Righteous. It's not the cold shiver of fear he feels in his spine when he hears the echo of the Tusken screams in his memory but a frisson of energy, the whisper of, you could feel like that always. The guilt he works to feel -- because he's supposed to be guilty, isn't he? -- doesn't ever quite stop him from feeling that, given the same choice, he'd do it all over again. Gladly.

there's a certain sly sort of pleasure in repaying Obi-Wan one of his pranks, one of his cleverly witty little one-liners in one of his own. in watching the consternation on his Master's face when Kenobi realizes he's been had. Anakin's always enjoyed that.

The feeling washes over him in a cold, icy wave. He doesn't know! And he is utterly, irrationally glad he won't have to explain to anyone what all he did on Naboo. For a moment, he thinks Obi-Wan will ask, but his Master remains silent and saves Anakin from having to lie. Anakin wasn't a liar but for this? He would. Even to Obi-Wan. Especially to Obi-Wan.

the story Palpatine tells Anakin is like a breath of air for a suffocating man. it gives him hope he can save his wife, a chance that he hadn't had before. it's something. and he figures the relief he's feeling probably shows even on his face. he can

do something this time.
When he no longer wears his braid, when the ceremony is complete, he feels it inside of him. A fierce feeling of pride, of course, but also vindication. Justification that he did deserve the title of Jedi. And while he's pleased and happy and honored to accept this title, he's also looking at the Master's around him and thinking, you didn't think I could do this. You didn't want me here, but I did it. In spite of you.

there's a moment there, at the end when he's looking up into his son's eyes that he feels it. that fierce little flame of pride that's more than merely pride.

vindicated, it says. and he is. a lifetime of making the wrong choices but choosing her had never been wrong. not when the result was the man who knelt over him. not when he'd finally done what he'd always been meant to do. he smiles...

...and then the Force envelopes him. he's home.
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People called the Jedi way a religion. But, to Anakin, that just went to show that they didn't understand at all. The Force was not a god to be worshipped. He was pretty sure the Force didn't care one way or another if people worshipped it though he imagined that if it could actually speak it would be amused at the idea. When he'd been a child, his mother hadn't taught him to follow any particular religion, placing more emphasis on more the more immediate, mundane realities of life. He remembered the stories he heard around him, though, the spacers who talked about the angels from the moons of Iego, the various denizens of Mos Espa with their varied beliefs. Many of the podracers themselves had various things they would pray to or give offerings to before a race. Not that it ever seemed to do most of them any good. Someone had once remarked sourly to Watto that the Toydarian's only religion was the way of money and the shopkeeper had laughed and said that sounded about right.

Then the Jedi had come and Anakin had learned about a whole new sort of belief, something that had results he could actually see. But it wasn't a religion. Anakin didn't believe in gods. Or, at least, he'd never seen one do anything for those who said they followed it. But the Force, that was something he knew existed, it was something he felt around him constantly. It was the way of the Jedi. But, he figured, if kneeling before some nonexistent god made a person happy who was he to say anything about it?
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The thread of the life of a Jedi was the Force, woven through with duty, service, and honor. Anakin learned this at a young age, though not so young as the others. These things were a part of his life, as well. But there were other things already entangled in with his threads that other Jedi did not have. His pattern was different.

The tapestry of Anakin Skywalker's life was woven through with threads as dark as night, constant reminders of that within him he tried to keep under control but couldn't, quite, simply release. One wouldn't have to look very closely, either, to see the swath of deep crimson that showed where he loved fiercely. Nor would it be hard to miss the bright blue for friendship and loyalty. Here and there, scattered about would be threads of gold tied in knots to tie him to others. There would be a strong line of deepest purple for his jealousy and his pride.

But even as the threads grow darker, around and through it all would be the bright thread of the Force and of Destiny defining him and guiding him through. Even when he no longer sees it, it's still there.
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After dropping somehow into a wood between worlds and having a couple of rather interesting conversations -- though he couldn't quite remember one of them all that well, he figured it would come to him later. An after effect, maybe, of the weird memory problem he'd had on his way in, at first. Either way, it was after that, as Anakin had found his way back to the pool that he thought of as 'his', that he had come up through.

Surprisingly enough, when he dropped back into the world he'd left behind, Coruscant, it was exactly where he'd left it. And, as Anakin glanced out a nearby window, it seemed that the sun hadn't moved much, if at all. Maybe he wouldn't be late after all!

That thought in mind, the young Jedi apprentice took off through the corridors of the Senate toward the Chancellor's office.

But, wow, would he have a story to tell Obi-Wan later or what?

Or wait. Maybe that wasn't one of his better ideas. He'd have to think about it.

And so, it was a rather more pensive Anakin than usual who greeted the Chancellor a moment later and for once, it was Anakin who had to cut short their meeting, apologizing profusely as he did so and claiming he was late back to the Temple. Of course, the Chancellor understood -- he always did -- and once more, Anakin was off, back to the Temple.

He didn't tell Obi-Wan about the Wood or the Lodge, or that anything out of the ordinary had happened to him. And, truly, by the next morning the whole experience had taken on a rather dreamlike quality anyway.

Imagine his surprise when a week or two later, he found himself once more standing in a quiet wood with his boots wet.
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He'd had an errand to run, ostensibly. One that had taken him to the Senate.

If he dawdled a little, peered into the great Senate chamber curiously, he was sure no one would notice, or care.

As long as he was back to the Temple by dinnertime, Obi-Wan wouldn't come after him, anyway. Of course, the Chancellor might get upset if he kept the great man waiting too long and at thought, Anakin quickened his step.

He must have quickened it a little too much for one moment he was striding quickly down a corridor toward the lift that would take him to Palpatine's office and the next he was...

...where was he?
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[This is to go as part of the Anakin/Kitty AU of old. More info over at [ profile] au_eats_brains]

Anakin had always been fond of exploring new territory. He'd never, after all, forgotten his audacious claim to Qui-Gon about becoming the first person to see all the planets. That had, in large part, played a role in his decision to accept this survey assignment. He'd never imagined he'd find a previously unknown planet, that he'd make friends there, even. More than just friends, really. He'd never imagined he'd meet anyone quite like Kitty there. Kitty who reminded him in so many ways of Padme except... except he found himself far more comfortable with Kitty than he ever could have felt with Padme. Padme was an Angel. Perfect. Untouchable. And he never knew what to say around her. Deep within him, as he'd grown older, he'd harbored the fear that, no matter his feelings, she wasn't for him. Could never be for him.

But Kitty... Kitty was a different matter altogether. And though, when he looked at her he didn't see the perfection he saw in Padme, that didn't make her any less. It made her more, in his eyes. More and real and human and utterly touchable. Both literally and figuratively. He really, really liked the literal part. Often. Luckily for him, she seemed to, too. And with her, there was even more new territory to explore.

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The damn droids were getting smarter.

That thought made him smile, despite himself. Usually, Anakin liked droids, after all and here he was spending most of his time destroying them. Kriffing Separatists. And now their droids were getting smarter.

He stared across the field before them, and at the defenses that lay on the other side behind which he knew those droids were waiting for them to charge headlong into the deadly hail of blasterfire they were certain to lay down as soon as even one trooper headed out there. Anakin hated ground battles and for a moment, he glanced up at the cloudy, foreboding sky and wished he'd been allowed to bring a squadron of fighters in to just strafe the damn base. Or that he'd just gone ahead and done it anyway. But no, the Seps had made their base out of a town, used innocents as living, breathing shields and a strafing run would only kill the ones they were supposed to be saving and made Anakin's and the troopers' jobs a hell of a lot harder. Still, he looked wistfully up at the sky. This whole battle could be over by now...

...but there was no point in wishing for something he couldn't do, so he set his mind to the task at hand. How not to turn this field in front of them into a killing field. Well, not one for his troopers anyway. Briefly, his thoughts turned to Obi-Wan, who was leading a mission on the other side of the planet. This would be easier if the other Jedi was with him, as well. But again, it was only a waste of time to wish for something he couldn't have and once more, Anakin turned his thoughts to the battle at hand as the troops around him waited with the kind of patience one could only get out of a being utterly bred for war.

When Anakin began to smile, the lieutenant beside him asked, his comm unit crackling, "orders, General?"

Anakin's smile broadened and he waved out at the field, "we'll need to draw them out before we all go in there."

The lieutenant nodded, "we can send a detachment of a few-..."

With a curt gesture of his hand, Anakin cut the clone off, "No, I can handle this. You just wait for my signal."

The clones were good, but Anakin was better, and with the Force, he was faster. He could draw them out, draw their fire, and then the clones could move in and blast 'em to bits.

Good plan.
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Prompt: Aerodynamically the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know it, so it goes on flying anyway. --Mary Kay Ash.
Character: Anakin Skywalker
Fandom: Star Wars
Wordcount: 199
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Anakin doesn't belong to me, he belongs to George Lucas and Lucasfilm. Just borrowing. No money made or intended to be made off of this, ever.
Author's Note: It probably makes sense in a way that doesn't so, uhm. Sorry?

He was a slave. Property. Always following someone else. Always. Even after he left Tatooine, even after he became a Jedi in his own right, even after...everything, he didn't stop being a slave. No longer Watto's slave, for certain, but still, on the inside, he was a slave. You don't stop being what you're born as, just sometimes you grow past it. You forget. He forgot, or tried to.

He told himself that he was Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, Hero Without Fear, and for a time, he believed. He told himself he had every right to be among the Jedi, to be a Jedi, and he believed. And he did. And he was a Jedi in every sense of the word.

He flew. Both literally and otherwise, he soared through life on the heights of his power. He was Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight, after all, he who walks the skies. His birthright.

He shouldn't have been. He shouldn't have even been born. But he was. And he did. So he flew. He flew until he fell and he fell until one day, he flew once more and he was no longer a slave at all, he was Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight.
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Prompt:“ Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.” C. S. Lewis.
Character: Anakin Skywalker
Fandom: Star Wars
Wordcount: 432
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Anakin doesn't belong to me, he belongs to George Lucas and Lucasfilm. Just borrowing. No money made or intended to be made off of this, ever.

When he was a slave on Tatooine, he learned by doing. There were no schools for slaves, and Watto had neither the time nor the inclination to show the young boy how to do something more than once. After that, it was up to Anakin to figure out how to get it done, and getting it wrong would not end well. He learned quickly, as a result. He learned how to build machines and droids and other mechanicals by tinkering with them. Try putting this here and see if it works. If it didn't, he might only end up with a lungful of smoke and a coughing fit, but he might end up with a ruined machine and all sorts of consequences from Watto he didn't dare think too much about. If it did work, it often worked well, and young Anakin was understandably proud of this.

Podracing was the same way. No one told you how brutal it was, they didn't need to. But nor did anyone really understand what it was like until they sat behind the stick of their own pod. And for a young boy, it was even harder to understand. But the first time he saw someone's pod go crashing into the side of a canyon wall, the first time he felt just how close he'd come to doing the same thing, the first time another racer sent Anakin's pod careening out of control with a well-timed push, Anakin learned. He had to. It was that, or dying.

Later, at the Temple, Anakin still learned by doing. By feeling it, having it happen. He hated waiting for something to be shown to him several times, it made him feel slow and stupid, as if his teacher had no faith in his abilities to pick it up the first time, as if he still heard the echo of Watto's grating voice in his ears that he was a stupid human who couldn't understand something shown to him. He didn't care if trying a new manuever in lightsaber training resulted in bruises and burns after he'd only seen it once. He'd remember those bruises and burns. He learned from them. The next try was better and the third, almost perfect.

The hardest lesson of all to learn though, came much later, and lasted for decades. It began with two simple words, "I'm pregnant." and it didn't end until he did, years and years later, staring up into the blue eyes of a boy, his boy, his son. "You already have, Luke. You were right about me. Tell your were right...."
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Young Anakin stared up at Obi-Wan disbelievingly, "What do you mean, stay in be-coughcough?"

Obi-Wan shook his head and smiled down at his Padawan, "exactly what I say, my Padawan. The healers are quite adamant that you won't be well any time soon if you continue to run around. Especially on any jaunts you might be taking down to certain junk heaps."

Anakin tried to look contrite, or innocent, or something but that was hard to do when he really didn't feel like doing anything besides curling up in bed and sleeping a long time. Which was precisely what the healers (and Obi-Wan) were ordering, so it was precisely what he was determined not to do. " training!"

Obi-Wan shook his head, "It can certainly wait for a day or two," or three or four or a week, if need be, "for you to get back on your feet, Anakin."

So Anakin tried being stubborn, but that was kind of exhausting so he just slumped back on the bed, "I hate being sick," he grumped. Plus, when he'd ever been sick at home, it was his mother who'd taken care of him, bringing him juice and telling him stories. Anakin was fairly certain Obi-Wan wasn't the type of person to read stories. He probably wasn't that good at it anyway.

Brightly, Obi-Wan added, "this does give us the opportunity to work on healing meditations."

Anakin groaned and burrowed into the bed, "I'd rather lie here and die."

"Oh, Anakin, don't be so melodramatic."

Anakin, though, sensed a change in Obi-Wan's tone. Something had gotten to his Master. He figured he should milk this bit for all it was worth. If possible, his tone became just a bit more petulant, "but I don't feel good. I can't concentrate on stuff like that. Couldn't you tell a story?" It was worth a shot.

Obi-Wan's eyebrows raised. "Story?"

Quickly, Anakin added, "about you when you were a Padawan?" Maybe it'd sound almost like a teaching opportunity.

Obi-Wan stared down at the boy for a few moments before finally relenting, "very well, but let me fix some tea, first." Anakin couldn't argue with that so he just nodded and stayed cozy in his bed while Obi-Wan fixed a pot of tea for them both, something that smelled a little spicy and for some reason made Anakin feel like he was at home, not on Tatooine, but at home, here. It was kind of nice. When Obi-Wan returned with the tea, he settled carefully onto the side of Anakin's bed before helping the boy sit up so he could drink. Once they were both comfortable, Obi-Wan began, "I suppose I haven't told you the story about how I met Bant, have I....?"

It was only supposed to be one story, but the tea was gone and Anakin was fast asleep somewhere into Obi-Wan's fifth or sixth tale.
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[This is so AU for Anakin it should be the striked out version of him. That is, it just came to me but has little to do with the Anakin I roleplay. Or the canon version. Uhm. Unless Nic wants to help me change that?]

If Anakin had learned nothing else from Obi-Wan, it had been how to make the perfect pot of tea. This was a useful skill since Obi-Wan rather liked tea, and because Anakin found it instrumental in relaxing his Master. Which was convenient when Anakin wanted something. Like getting out of a few hours of meditation. Surely with the judicious application of the perfect pot of tea, Obi-Wan would forget and go straight to sleep.

Hmm, maybe he should add cookies. Not even Obi-Wan could resist that combination and surely they'd distract his Master from even thinking about meditating. It was a great plan.

A great plan with one flaw.

As soon as Obi-Wan entered their shared quarters, he looked at Anakin curiously. "Tea and cookies? I hesitate to ask what the occasion is. Or maybe, what you did this time?"

Anakin made a face, "I didn't do anything. I haven't done anything least a week. And it's not an occasion. I just. Wanted tea. And cookies." Well, he always wanted cookies, but that was a whole 'nother pot of tea as it were.

Obi-Wan just raised an eyebrow and poured himself a cup of tea and munched on a cookie. "Mm-hmm. Well, I do have to commend you, my padawan, this is the perfect snack to have before we begin our meditations."

Anakin tried, but didn't quite, suppress his groan. Obi-Wan just hid his smirk behind his cup of tea while his defeated padawan poured his own cup and snagged a cookie or three. There was no point in arguing with his Master when his plan had already been found out. Plus, it might prompt Obi-Wan to forgo the snack and go straight to the meditating. So instead, Anakin drew the snack out as long as he could, hoping Obi-Wan might give up which eventually prompted his Master to comment, "Padawan, that may have worked when you were nine but it is hardly likely to work at the age of seventeen."

So Anakin just gave Obi-Wan a wide-eyed innocent look and gulped down the rest of his tea and a cookie. "Okay, Master, I'm ready." As I'll ever be.

Obi-Wan smiled and gestured to two cushions resting nearby on the floor, taking his place on one and waiting while his student settled onto the other. Nearly in unison, they both closed their eyes and took in deep breaths before exhaling slowly and relaxing into the embrace of the Force.

It should, perhaps, be explained that the actual meditation Anakin didn't mind all that much, it's just he preferred its more active forms and really disliked having to sit still for very long, often finding himself cramping as he did so, and it taking ages for him to just let go as he was taught, which left him frustrated. Tonight, however, it was easy. Maybe it was the tea. Master and Padawan sank into the Force, letting their spirits free.

Once he got to this point, Anakin usually found it exhilarating but tonight it was even more so and it took him a few moments to understand why until he realised he was sensing Obi-Wan's feelings as well and he could tell Obi-Wan felt it too, each one's emotions magnifying the other's in a continuous loop. He'd never felt anything like it before and it seemed Obi-Wan hadn't either. Well, not quite in the same context, anyway. If he hadn't been so caught up in it, he might have wandered if they should stop, but that doubt didn't enter his mind at all and Obi-Wan didn't pull away. In fact, they both grew closer, their presences in the Force blending together and entertwining until, if one could watch, they would have only seen one unified presence there for one blinding moment.

It was exhausting, it was exhilarating, it was glorious, and then it was gone and both master and apprentice dropped back into the real world covered in sweat and staring at each other in wonder.
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Prompt: Fork
Character: Anakin Skywalker
Your character's fandom: Star Wars
Word count: 178
Disclaimer: Do not own. Will never own. Make no claims to owning. Making no money from this. Only for entertainment. Will return characters undamaged. (mostly) Thank you!

He could see it, sometimes. Often. Usually when he was meditating, deep in the Force. He'd see a road with a fork in it, a choice he'd have to make sooner or later. At first, it didn't bother him. Everyone had to make choices, big and small and so a vision of a choice to be made was

AS time went on, however, the fork grew closer, he saw it in more detail. One path led to darkness and pain. The other...the other was shadowed as well and clouded with anger. He spent several days thinking about this, afraid to mention it to his Master.

How could he tell Obi-Wan what the Force was showing him of his future? Didn't it say that Anakin would fail? That all of this would be for....nothing? He didn't want to disappoint Obi-Wan and certainly didn't want to fail was easier to ignore the vision. He wouldn't, couldn't let it come to pass. There was always another choice. There had to be, and he'd find it.

He'd do whatever it took.
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Title/Prompt: When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."
--Author Unknown
Character: Anakin Skywalker, Shmi Skywalker
Pairings: N/A
Character's fandom: Star Wars
Word count:
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I am not Anakin. I am not Hayden. Purely doing this for entertainment and to better my writing skills. All Star Warsian things belong to George Lucas/Lucasarts/Lucasfilm/whatever and whoever that isn't me. Thank you, goodnight.

Every race he'd been in, he'd lost. )
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Title/Prompt: Waiting in the Dark (picture prompt #2)
Character: Anakin Skywalker
Pairings: Anakin/Padme
Character's fandom: Star Wars
Word count: 450
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I am not Anakin. I am no Hayden. Purely doing this for entertainment and to better my writing skills. All Star Warsian things belong to George Lucas/Lucasarts/Lucasfilm/whatever and whoever that isn't me. Thank you, goodnight.

Waiting in the Dark )


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